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This weekend we went errand running with our friends and popped into Teavana where I discovered my new favorite beverage; Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong Tea. The smell alone had me sold. It smells like spring in a cup! It's a very floral tea but the strawberries infuse it with a subtle sweetness (but obviously it's not truly sweet without the addition of sugar, something I am currently avoiding.) I picked up a tin and ended up leaving with a cup to go as well. This tea is wonderful hot or iced. I've been enjoying it iced during the day and hot at night. There is something so soothing about a hot cup of tea in the evening, wouldn't you agree?

It looks absolutely beautiful in the tin and perfumed my kitchen while steeping. I savored a cup in my grandmother's china while watching Downton Abbey last night. Such a relaxing and delicious way to end the weekend!

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  1. Junell

    That sounds lovely,Brittany. I am sitting outside the VanDorn metro station (35 degrees F) waiting for my ride to Ft Belvoir this morning & I would so love a cup of hot tea about now. I'll think of you & other warm thoughts! Love to you both!

    1. Brittany

      Post author

      We hope you're enjoying DC! You should pop into a Starbucks and pick up something warming! :) We love you!!


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