21dsd-day two

It's day 2 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox and so far so good...although I have a feeling by day 21 I will be OVER eggs. While they are an easy, quick,  and versatile protein source, I get bored with them easily.

Breakfast/Lunch: eggs scrambled in ghee with garlic broccoli.

Snack: Green apple and lunchmeat

Dinner: Mustard, sage, lemon chicken with sauteed mushrooms in ghee and garlic cauliflower mash*

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*The meal was a hit with my husband! He didn't even use ketchup...which is high praise in these parts.

Be prepared for some changes around these parts. I'm working through a blog makeover and it is painstakingly slow. But I know when I'm done I will be thankful and I *hope* y'all will enjoy the changes too!

It's been bitterly cold here, but I can't complain! There's no black ice or snow, plus it's sunny! I'm very thankful to only deal with cold temperatures. Life is good around here.  I'm still working on a blog schedule so for now it will be a bit sporadic, but hang in there with me!

Keep your chin up all you other 21 Day Sugar Detoxers!!!

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