the pioneer woman

*Thank you for hanging with me during my month sabbatical of sorts. My family and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Each day gets a little easier and we are comforted knowing we will see my Papa in Heaven one day.*


Last night was kind of insane.

The Pioneer Woman came to town and my amazing husband went and stood in line to get her latest cookbook signed.


Initially, I instructed him to take  my copy of "The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from my Frontier." The signed copy that he surprised me with last year... "You want me to take her a book she's already signed and ask her to sign it again?!"

Granted it wasn't one of my best ideas, but then he said they had the newest cookbook (The Pioneer Woman: A Year of Holidays!) and he would buy that one.

(Please keep in mind that he just got off work and had ACL surgery 3 weeks ago. Superhero status right now.)

I texted him and instructed him to leave if the line was too long...he was purposefully vague about the length and when I finally got there after work, I was shocked. I didn't think it would be so incredibly long!

We stood in line for over 6 hours. SIX HOURS. (We! My wonderful husband kept me company the WHOLE time!) 6 hours in 40 degrees; I'm amazed we didn't wake up with colds!

Marlboro Man was there along with her two sons. When they walked out to their car, women began cheering. I had to laugh and tell the girl in front of me, "Is it bad that I recognize him better from behind?!" (If you read Ree's blog, you know she has a love affair with her husband's derriere!)


To her credit, Ree was 100% smiling and sweet as pie to every.single.person. She had a kind word and a compliment for everyone. I was SO nervous! I gave her a card for my blog...and she LIKED THE NAME!

Standing in line for 6 hours is tiring but signing hundreds (possibly thousands) of books, posing for pictures and still being able to genuinely smile is nothing short of impressive. We didn't get home till after midnight and we were far from the end of the line. She said she would stay until the last book was signed. And she did.

Thank you Ree for stopping by the supermarket and making it worth the wait!


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  1. Teresa

    You waited twice as long as I waited for Giada but I had the same experience with her except she was not doing pictures. You had to snap them covertly!;)


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